Ghagra Choli

        Ghagra Choli is one of the most traditional and comfortable dress in India. The Indian ghagracholis are very attractive with their splendid mirror work. The Indian ghagra choli is usually worn with the 'dupatta' to cover the head and the chest. In India, lehenga choli is also known as lehenga or ghagra chunni or chunri, ghagra chunari, ghagra chunaris and sometimes Lachcha choli.

Wearing of this traditional dress at formal occasions is the latest trend. There is a tremendous boost to the ghagra choli in recent time as a fashion garment. Ghagracholi is a typical feminine outline that epitomizes style, quality and the class of Indian craftsmanship.


The Fabrics used:










Design, patterns and colour:
These Ghagracholis are available in different attractive and sparkling colors and designs.It is the embroidery and the shape that makes all the difference to the ghagra choliand one can identify it with the occasion it is meant for. Indian market has a wide collection of ghagracholis like,
Traditional ghagra cholis
Hand worked ghagra cholis
Designer ghagra cholis
Indian bridal ghagra cholis
Embroidery ghagra Cholis
Straight Cut ghagra Cholis
Fish Tail ghagra Cholis
Mermaid ghagra Cholis
Circular ghagra Cholis
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